Joey Judan is a native of Zambales, Philippines. Currently working as an educator. A part-time nocturnal-being and full-time observer of style and culture. Creating a blog is just one  of the ways he's making excitement around himself. The premise of his blog is simple...to discuss a variety of topics related to men's fashion (with a particular focus on debating new trends and collections as well as discussing many of the issues affecting today's stylish gents and translating them into affordable fashion); music (different artists that had significant contribution in popular culture and their effects on our religion);  food (with enough stress on his adventures as a gastronome); travel (highlighting an aspect of his life as a perpetual nomad) and just about anything that may serve as way for people to find inspiration.

He is not an expert or a writer but a lover of life. Writing from an observer's perspective, his opinions & recommendations are products of his experiences, chronicling his adventures regarding life as it happens. Learning to expose himself to new situations and new people, to gain true insight on things that he really like and what he don’t and coming to terms with different facets of his personality because a blog can hold a man's essentials, it can contain emotions and memories. So he may truly live his learned mantra:"We are capable of anything."