Thursday, July 14, 2011


I always heart road trip, the feeling of just sitting down in a moving vehicle and enjoying different panoramic views, simply priceless. Anyway, as the old folks always say: "No matter how long a procession is, all leads to the shopping mall". Well nothing really catches my sartorial hunger, just bought some male vanity products, a gadget to play with and a new pair of flip flops.

I first heard of Ipanema flip flops from my brother "Kiko" & his surfing buddies. They prefer it over Havaianas for its durability and better masculine appeal, no wonder it ranks as the second most popular brand of best selling flip flops here in the Phili (I wonder what brand ranks number one? hmmm...). Ipanema flip-flops has four categories– Ladies, Kids, Men, and Gisele. The Men’s category with all of their collection offers a manly taste ensuring the style and comfort of the footwear. So this time around, I'm giving Ipanema flip flops the opportunity to win my trust and earn my patronage.

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